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A woman threw a poo out of a window on a first date and firefighters had to get involved


Amateur Gymnast Tinder Date

Why this nomination? Because we couldn't even believe it.
  • An unusual way for a first date to end
Description: Earlier this week, Liam Smyth, a grad student at Britain’s University of Bristol, had a nice dinner with a woman he met on Tinder.

The night was still young, so he invited her over to his house to drink wine and watch a documentary about Scientology, he wrote on a GoFundMe page.

At some point, the unidentified woman asked to use his bathroom. When she returned, Smyth said, she had “a panicked look in her eye.”

Smyth said the woman told him: “I went for a poo in your toilet, and it would not flush.”

He then claims the woman confessed to reaching into the toilet bowl, wrapping the dookie in tissue paper and throwing it out of the window.

Wanting to be a gentleman, Smyth suggested going outside together, bagging up the offending poo, throwing it away and then pretending “the whole sorry affair had never happened,” he recalled.

Unfortunately, the story gets crappier. Smyth’s bathroom window doesn’t open to the garden, but into an 18-inch gap that is sepa
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Publication/Media Source: Bristol Post
Author: Joseph Smith
Photo and/or Video Source: Bristol Post
Publication Date: 15:56, 5 SEP 2017 Updated11:46, 6 SEP 2017
Nominator: adminrw
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Submission Date Sep 06, 2017 (Edited Sep 06, 2017)

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