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Who would buy this? Is this product poorly made? Does it do what it's suppose too or is it totally useless?


Huge security flaw lets anyone log into a High Sierra Mac


Apple, Inc.

Why this nomination? They shoul
  • The bug appears to have been first noticed by Lemi Orhan Ergin, founder of Software Craftsman Turkey, who noted it publicly on Twitter.
Description: Wow, this is a bad one. On Macs running the latest version of High Sierra — 10.13.1 (17B48) — it appears that anyone can log in just by putting “root” in the user name field. This is a huge, huge problem. Apple will fix it probably within hours, but holy moly. Do not leave your Mac unattended until this is resolved.

The bug is most easily accessed by going to Preferences and then entering one of the panels that has a lock in the lower left-hand corner. Normally you’d click that to enter your user name and password, which are required to change important settings like those in Security & Privacy.

No need to do that any more! Just enter “root” instead of your user name and hit enter. After a few tries, it should log right in. There’s no need to do this yourself to verify it. Doing so creates a “root” account that others may be able to take advantage of if you don’t disable it...
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Publication/Media Source: TechCrunch
Author: Devin Coldewey
Photo and/or Video Source: Logo of the company Apple Inc.
Publication Date: Nov. 28th, 2017
Nominator: Terry
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