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Man pulls shark from the sea to snap some selfies


Man Bun Moron

  • Man Wrestles Shark
  • Man Wrestles Shark
Description: Coming on the heels of the soul-crushing story depicting a beach full of people posing for selfies with a rare mini dolphin and then leaving it to die in the sand, a Florida man ripped a shark out of the ocean so as to score some primo social media snaps.

Video captured by a West Palm Beach news anchor Ashleigh Walters and posted to Facebook shows John Camp grab the shark by the tail as it desperately attempts to get back to the safety of the ocean, dragging it up the beach, and wrestling it as onlookers squeal with delight and laugh. Once he pins it to the sand, Camp proceeds to primp and preen, posing for photos until another onlooker finally returns the animal to the water, where it is washed back up with the surf.

“Shark was put farther into water...
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Publication/Media Source: The Daily Beast
Author: James Joiner
Photo and/or Video Source: Screengrab of Facebook posting
Publication Date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
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Nominator: IAStaff
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Submission Date Apr 03, 2016 (Edited May 02, 2017)

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