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Lester’s Fixins Nominated For The Product Award Example

Who would buy this? Is this product poorly made? Does it do what it's suppose too or is it totally useless?


Bacon cotton candy proves not everything is better with bacon


Lester’s Fixins

Why this nomination? Bad food idea, bad food combining, totally discussing.
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Description: So now we know: not everything is better with bacon.
Certainly not artificially bacon-flavoured cotton candy, which a colleague excitedly brought back from a recent trip to Texas.
It comes in a garishly decorated package made by Lester’s Fixins " company slogan: “Y’all get yer fixins!” " which sells other I-double-dog-dare-you foods, including sodas in such disgusting flavours as peanut butter and jelly, Buffalo wings, sweet corn, ranch dressing and, yes y’all, bacon. These are the sorts of “food” you are more likely to find in a toy store than a self-respecting supermarket.
Turns out the packaging is the best part. The anemic-looking lump of candy threads inside, doing its best impression of a cheap puppet’s hairpiece, is unappetizing even before you taste it. Within minutes of air exposure the mass begins to shrink, darken and develop a hard shell " whether to protect itself or its unsuspecting eaters, I cannot say.
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Publication/Media Source: Toronto Star
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