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GOP Website Declares Mike Pence Debate Winner...Before Debate Begins


Grand Old Party... Whoops!

Why this nomination? Because it's a farce. Even if it was true, they wrote it as if the debate had already happen, taking away any credibility that the GOP could have had,
  • The Republican National Committee website on Oct. 4, 2016 shows a page that was briefly posted to the site declaring that Mike Pence was the winner of the vice presidential debate.
Description: Whoops! The official GOP website made a grand old gaffe ahead of the vice presidential debate Tuesday night -- declaring Republican candidate Mike Pence the winner before the event was scheduled to start.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the GOP announced that Mike Pence was the "clear winner" of the debate, more than an hour ahead of the start time. The GOP went on to list Pence's top moments as discussing the economy and highlighting Hillary Clinton's scandals.

"Mike Pence made the most of his opportunity to debate Hillary's VP pick Tim Kaine," the GOP wrote. The page has since been taken down.
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