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America Ranks 120th in Election Turnout


American Democracy

Why this nomination? Hypocracy! "It seems a bit hypocritical for the U.S. to lecture other countries about democracy when a majority of Americans who could vote, don't bother."
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Description: Election Turnout in the U.S. Is Among the Worst in the World
Both parties had heavily contested primaries this year and only 29% of eligible voters bothered to vote in them. In 2012, only 58% of the eligible voters voted in the general election. It has been like this for years. Internationally, the U.S. ranks 120th out of 169 democracies in the world in terms of the percentage of registered voters who actually vote. If one looks at the percentage of the voting age population, including people who are eligible to register but haven't, the U.S. drops to 138. Australia is #1, with 95% turnout, but voting is mandatory there. How about some other countries?

The U.S. is sandwiched in between the Dominican Republic and Benin, and is much worse than nearly all the countries of Western Europe. If instead of looking at the fraction of registered voters who vote, we look at the fraction of the voting age population that votes, the U.S. is 138th at 48%, between Armenia and Nigeria. It s
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Publication Date: 08/18/2016
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Submission Date Aug 18, 2016 (Edited May 02, 2017)

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