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Naya Rivera arrested for domestic battery


Naya Rivera

Why this nomination? She'll do anything to get on camera.
  • Deputies say Naya Rivera was drunk during alleged domestic altercation
Description: We are learning new information about what may have led to an alleged altercation between actress Naya Rivera and her husband Saturday night in Kanawha County.

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Office says Rivera and her husband, Ryan Dorsey, were arguing over their child.

Deputies also say that Rivera was drunk during the alleged altercation. It is unclear if Dorsey was under the influence at the time.

Rivera allegedly hit Dorsey in the head and bottom lip. Dorsey did not require any medical attention, according to deputies.

We’re also told the 911 calls related to the incident may be released this week after investigators consult with the prosecuting attorney’s office.
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Publication/Media Source: WSAZ News
Author: Jatara McGee and Markie Owens
Photo and/or Video Source: WSAZ News Staff
Publication Date: : Sat 11:39 PM, Nov 25, 2017 | Updated: Sun 8:06 PM, Nov 26, 2017
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