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TSA defends pat-down of Texas boy; countless others creeped out.


The Transportation Security Administration

Why this nomination? Over the top.
  • TSA patdown of boy.
Description: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is defending an officer’s pat-down of a boy at a Texas airport that outraged his mother and thousands and thousands of people who viewed her Facebook posting on the incident.

For at least two minutes, the TSA officer at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport gives the boy a going-over that just seems a little too thorough.
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Publication/Media Source: The Washington Post
Author: Fredrick Kunkle
Photo and/or Video Source: Screengrab of Facebook posting
Publication Date: 03/28/2017
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Nominator: adminrw
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Submission Date Mar 28, 2017 (Edited May 04, 2017)

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