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Holy Cow! Loose Cow Tranquilized After Running Through Long Island Neighborhood


Suffolk Police

Why this nomination? Took them 14 hours to capture it, no wonder there are so many criminals loose.
  • Well, you don't see this every day.
Description: MEDFORD, NY – Residents in a Long Island neighborhood caught quite a sight Friday morning: a loose cow running amok through their town.

Suffolk Police say they responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a loose cow on Woodside Avenue and Tremont Avenue in Medford at about 11:30 a.m. An officer located the cow on 1st Avenue, but the cow had no interest in surrendering.

The cow rammed the police car, which was parallel to the animal, and the cow then trotted toward Route 112. The officer was not injured.

Police units in the area were able to corral the cow into a backyard of an abandoned property on Tremont Avenue and blocked the animal in with police vehicles. Emergency Service Section officers used a tranquilizer to subdue the cow, which will be returned to its owner, who had reported the cow missing from Syracuse Avenue in Medford Thursday night.
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Publication/Media Source: Medford Patch
Author: Ryan Bonner (Patch National Staff)
Photo and/or Video Source: Medford Patch
Publication Date: Updated September 1, 2017 7:14 pm ET
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Submission Date Sep 06, 2017 (Edited Sep 06, 2017)

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